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To use PostgreSQL, one must create an account and a user role. By default, PostgreSQL comes with a user account (and a user role ( . The user role is used to log into the Postgres command line to create user roles, add passwords or add multiple user roles.

After downloading PostgreSQL, using the to create a new user role and database. This database is what will be connected to the Rails App. …

This article will try to explain in very simple terms how Route 53 works and the requirements to set it up. Use this as a reference or a guide for beginners in AWS.

During my studies at Microverse Remote School, I had the privilege to host my portfolio website. It was a nightmare, lol, but I managed. Little did I know that that experience was a blessing in disguise because, at my internship, I got to pair program for the same task, the only difference is that we were using AWS as a DNS service.

What inspired this article is…

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While learning how to build a rails application at Microverse remote school, there were numerous times where my coding partner and I were required to test if our rails association methods were working. We had to learn how to use the rails console to test this because it’s quicker than running a browser or creating tests on a separate file.

Rails console is an irb session that is built into the rails environment and is accessed by typing into the terminal. It can be used to test , and when building a rails…

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So, you have been writing HTML and CSS for a while now and you feel like you have a good grasp of the two languages, but did you follow best practices for writing HTML and CSS? This article will touch on some of the best practices to observe while writing your HTML and CSS code and their importance.

As the saying goes, anyone can learn to code in HTML and CSS but what separates the best from the average is following best practices while writing your code (read more about the meaning of ).

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Medium inspires me to strive toward my tech and programming goals for this year. The tech industry is full of resources that are very helpful for anyone looking to learn programming albeit too many resources can be a double edged sword if one isn’t careful.

In my first medium post, Data Science Newbie,I concluded my story by committing to write about my journey in a bid to help and inspire those who are aspiring.

I spent last week but one researching about different jobs in the tech space,what they entail and what would be a good fit for me according…

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